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Empowering You in Operations: Unlock the Potential with Lean-IQ

Transform Your Role in Operations with Data-Driven Insights and Strategic Partnerships.

Your are in Good Company ...

Lean-IQ provided us with really great intuitive dashboard designs which really helped us to make progress in our data analytics and anomaly detection project.

- Automation & Controls Manager

(Renewables, Biogas)


We were thrilled how easy it was to get our pilot solution up and running. Lean-IQ's know-how to monitor our process performance has helped us enormously.

- Manager Business Development

(Industrial, Die Casting)

Luftaufnahme des Kraftwerks

A great exchange of experiences with Lean-IQ, discovering interesting, practical impulses for our smart & digital product development.

- Program Director Digitalization

(Renewables, Utilities)


Really great: the results of our data analytics program with Lean-IQ have uncovered great information that helps us further optimize our machines.

- Senior Manager Digitisation

(Industrial, Machinery)


Fantastic strategy impulses for our product development in the area of digitalization. With Lean-IQ we have taken a big step forward.

- Team Lead Innovationsmanagement

(Technology, Automation)


Great pilot project to improve our Aftermarket & Service activities. Together with Lean-IQ, we were able to include the topic of digitalization as an integral part of our strategy work.

- Chief Engineer

(Industrial, Machinery)

We help clients in ...
Answers For Your Million Dollar Questions
(And Everyday Ones, Too)
Technology Landscape
I need a landscape of technologies within the constraints of ...
New Markets
I need to find new markets for my existing product / technology in ...
Data Analytics
I need to centralize my scattered data for better clarity in ...
Competitive Market Survey
I need a better understanding of the current competitive market in ...
I need to understand the use and application of industrial software in  ...
Early Warning System
I need to be prepared for disruptive new trends in ...
Digital Transformation
I need to find strategies to accelerate the digital transformation process in...
Industrial Automation
I need to evaluate the current dynamics of industrial automation in ...

"At Lean-IQ, our mission is to empower SMEs in the manufacturing industry with data-driven solutions tailored to their unique needs. We are committed to delivering memorable, manageable, and measurable strategies that drive operational excellence, increase efficiency, and foster sustainable growth. Through our holistic approach to lean management, business analytics, and engineering, we enable our clients to thrive in the digital era and achieve their business objectives."

Our vision at Lean-IQ is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by transforming how SMEs approach operations, strategy, and technology. We envision a future where innovation, continuous improvement, and data-driven decision-making are at the core of every business. By empowering our clients to adapt to changing market dynamics, leverage emerging technologies, and drive innovation throughout their value chains, we aim to create a world where every SME has the tools, insights, and partnerships needed to succeed in the digital age.

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