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Mastering Condition Monitoring: Use Cases, Benefits, Architecture, and Components


Overview: Condition monitoring is a critical practice in various industries for assessing the health and performance of assets in real-time. This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of typical use cases, benefits, solution architecture, and required hardware/software components for effective condition monitoring. Participants will gain insights into how condition monitoring can enhance asset reliability, reduce downtime, and optimize maintenance strategies.


Session Breakdown:

  1. Introduction to Edge Computing (10 minutes)
  2. Added Value of Edge Computing (15 minutes)
  3. Typical Solution Architectures (15 minutes)
  4. Hardware and Software Solutions (15 minutes)
  5. Hands-on Example: Developing Edge Client Logic (15 minutes)


Session Breakdown:

  1. Introduction to Condition Monitoring (10 minutes)
  2. Typical Use Cases and Benefits (15 minutes)
  3. Solution Architecture of Condition Monitoring Systems (20 minutes)
  4. Required Hardware and Software Components (15 minutes)
  5. Case Studies and Best Practices (10 minutes


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of condition monitoring and its significance in asset management and maintenance.
  • Explore typical use cases of condition monitoring across different industries, such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation.
  • Learn about the benefits and added value of implementing condition monitoring systems, including improved asset reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased operational efficiency.
  • Gain insights into the solution architecture of condition monitoring systems, including data acquisition, processing, analysis, and visualization.
  • Identify the required hardware and software components for building a robust condition monitoring system, such as sensors, data acquisition devices, analytics software, and visualization tools.

Mastering Condition Monitoring

Artikelnummer: TTL-01-01
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    • IT architects and developers
    • System administrators
    • IoT engineers and developers
    • Cloud architects
    • Data scientists
    • Technical managers interested in edge computing
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