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From Smart to AI-Powered Analytics

We combine qualitative design approaches with quantitative analysis and a deep understanding of digital possibilities.

Take the hassle out of managing your strategic projects and focus on what really matters – using insights and making good decisions.

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We also find tailor-made solutions with customer-oriented service for complex production systems. We build on many years of industrial experience and agile project processing.



We describe & develop industry-specific technologies. Together with our partners, we offer you turnkey support, from the first idea to the operationally applicable solution.



A systematic real-time recording of the raw data directly in production is crucial for modern production. We design a suitable and scalable application solution for you.



As experts in the areas of production, logistics and aftermarket, we are also available to advise you. From the assessment and a feasibility study, we work out the basis for your success.

Global experience and regional networks 



Technology Partners

Open Innovation: Durch die gezielte Einbindung unserer Technologie-Partner nutzen wir kreatives Potenzial bei der Produktentwicklung und schaffen gemeinsame Werte. Zusammen entwickeln wir innovative Ideen, die Sinn stiften und Mehrwerte erschließen. Dabei handeln wir agil und digital, mit dem Ziel erstklassige Produkte in Rekordzeit aus der Taufe zu heben.


IoT software platform that allows businesses to strategically leverage the revolutionary world of connected devices. Quickly build and deploy solutions that accelerate the IoT.


Unsupervised machine learning leader provides breakthrough technology solutions never thought possible. Predictive Maintenance in Machine Learning.


Trusted IoT Edge components to simplifying your digital project  transformation. The open edge software environment accelerates product development without vendor lock-in


Leading industrial networking and gateway hardware provider. Rugged Arm-based cellular IIoT gateways for uninterrupted connectivity for remote or distributed outdoor applications.


Partner for highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. Turning ideas into technology with reliability and durability.


The world’s leading IoT service provider. One global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation with complementary technology.


Strategic, digital, networked: Solutions for business critical operations with in-depth industry knowledge. Optimizing your value creation porcess from lean to digital in 14 days.


Functioning logistics and production systems involve the perfect coordination of many different areas. A true partner from the first analysis to the final implementation.


Partner in research and development of production strategies in international company networks. Delivering solutions for planning and control strategies.


IPL supports individuals and companies on their way to understand connections and achieve success. You decide at which level you want to get in and where you want to get out. 

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT is one of over 70 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the world's leading organization for applied research in Germany.


Network which pools the expertise of bavarian sensory companies – in their  capacity as outstanding technology partners, they drive the development of intelligent sensor systems.

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Committed to supporting small and medium-sized companies on their way to digital transformation. An initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bavaria

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For thousands of industrial companies all over the world, HMS Networks is a trusted partner for industrial connectivity and communication. A world leader in ICT.


GLG company provides financial, market and technolog information and advises investors and consultants with business clients seeking expert advice.


Alleviate the hassle of project admin and focus on what really matters – leveraging technical and market insights and making great decisions with expert consulting advice.


The marketplace that connects companies with the most qualified independent industry experts  by combining innovative technology with personalized service. 

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Access to one of the largest freelance communities in the world. Experts in everything from tech to communications to project management, and more are all just a click away.


Expand your view with the leading destination for fresh, relevant, high quality insights. Power your decisions with the kind of insights that can come only from real expertise.

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