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Ralf Pühler / Chief Executive Officer

Ralf Puehler, Lean-IQ

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After 15+ years working in different leadership roles spanning various industries, the idea of Lean-IQ was born.

In the past 2,5 years, Lean-IQ focused on projects accumulating in-depth and data-backed industry insights for e.g. Bain, McKinsey, Roland Berger and others. Of the numerous projects, the segments of Industrial Automation, Information Technology and Market Insights & Dynamics have in particular caught the most interest over the last couple of months.

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With extensive R&D in the field of “Production Strategy and Manufacturing and Global Networks”, it was possible to further leverage the expertise in industrial value chains. In order to cater a global audience Lean-IQ partnered with the Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW), to bring the most important cornerstones together in (online) courses and workshops focusing on topics such as Innovation, Product Portfolio Management, and Value Stream Analysis.

In the Lean-IQ blog readers and subscribers have access to general news, personal viewpoints, and the latest industry insights. Articles on globalization, growth and trends can be found there as well as technical evaluation of industrial software and networking hardware. It provides any reader with the full scope of news you need in times where constant change becomes the new norm.

As a volunteering mentor at DigitalBoost and the Industrial Chamber of Commerce (IHK Bayern), Lean.IQ provides personalized learning & support. In numerous workshops Lean-IQ has supported start-ups, or experienced professionals on how to manage challenging situations and how to streamline their business.

The strengths of Lean-IQ are:

  • generating data backed industry insights focusing on technology, market and industry trends

  • offering courses and workshops on topics such as lean management, problem analysis, operations management, production strategy, and performance innovation

  • providing trainings on methods to allow teams to work creatively and generate innovative solutions 




Lean-IQ harnesses the power of advanced tools to revolutionize the way businesses operate and make informed decisions. In the dynamic landscape of industry and market dynamics, staying ahead requires more than traditional approaches.


Our commitment to data-driven decision making and market intelligence has led us to invest in a range of cutting-edge tools and platforms. These tools serve as the foundation of our services, enabling us to provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and actionable insights.


From powerful data analytics solutions that uncover hidden trends to market research tools that offer in-depth industry knowledge, Lean-IQ utilizes advanced technology to simplify, optimize, and thrive through data-backed decision making.

Lean-IQ Tools





With over 20 years of industry expertise, Lean-IQ excels in consulting, manufacturing, plastics machinery and processing, off-road construction vehicles, and industrial automation.


Lean-IQ successfully applies data-driven strategies to offer clients insightful recommendations in the consulting realm. The indepth manufacturing proficiency encompasses lean management and production strategy.


In plastics machinery and off-road construction vehicles, Lean-IQ is a strategic partner to drive innovation and growth. The deep knowledge of industrial automation has allowed Lean-IQ to leverage technology for operational enhancement.


Lean-IQ consistently delivers results and stays at the forefront of evolving industries.




With an extensive career spanning four diverse industrial regions - China, the USA, Austria, and Germany - Lean-IQ brings a unique perspective to the global market. This journey leveraged a deep understanding of the main industrial hubs, their intricacies, and the dynamics that drive them.


Lean-IQ has immersed itself in the intricacies of each region, witnessing firsthand the ebb and flow of industries. This rich tapestry of experiences has forged a global market knowledge that transcends borders and allows to provide clients with nuanced insights, connecting businesses with opportunities in diverse and complex markets.


Lean-IQ expertise is the product of a truly global perspective.

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