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Cloud Data Visualization in Wind Turbine Foundation Monitoring System

ICP DAS’s WISE series IIoT edge controllers are used to collect vibration data from wind turbines located across the UK. Then this data is transmitted to a control center in London via 3G/4G wireless communication and managed with the software IoTstar developed by ICP DAS. This software can easily monitor and manage the wind turbine status remotely, displaying the data on the dashboard and providing the wind turbine preventive maintenance indicator to the management personnel.


The client described in this application is one of the leading specialist asset maintenance contractors for buildings and structures operating across the UK, primarily providing comprehensive asset refurbishment, repair, and regular maintenance services for buildings and concrete structures.

Due to the large weight of the wind turbine, the soil under that becomes loose, which leads to the distortion of the turbine foundation (meaning the concrete block). When the distortion of the foundation increases, it can lead to an unplanned shutdown of the wind turbine, further affecting the overall operation efficiency and increasing the maintenance cost. In the past, the client had to send someone from the staff to the field to record wind turbine vibration data; however, it took too much time and effort.

Therefore, the customer decided to use IIoT technology to wirelessly transmit machine vibration data to a monitoring center in London and implement preventive maintenance by analyzing vibration data to prevent wind turbine failure in the future, thereby reducing maintenance costs. This case illustrates how ICP DAS‘s cloud data visualization solution helps a client remotely monitor the wind turbine foundation instantaneously.

ICP DAS‘s WISE IIoT edge controllers are widely used for logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE statement can execute automation logic stably and efficiently. It also provides functions for mathematical operations, scheduling, and sending email notifications. The WISE IIoT edge controller can immediately initiate actions and issue warnings if the monitored value exceeds the normal range. In this case, the customer uses the WISE-5231M-3GWA to transmit the vibration data to the control center via 3G wireless communication.

Data visualization

The new solution leverages Exosite's ExoSense® remote condition monitoring application and Murano® IIoT platform running on AWS infrastructure with a native device connection from the ICP DAS gateway. Exosite's Murano platform provides excellent management over cloud security for encryption and authorization.

As long as customers use the standard Modbus protocol, ICP DAS's IIoT edge gateway it can connect with the ExoSense solution. Once connected, the gateway can immediately begin sending data to the cloud platform for remote control and monitoring in various industrial applications, enabling users to view dashboards with real-time data and equipment status, as well as receive notifications, manage user access, and generate reports. The primary function of the gateway is to connect edge devices with the Internet and act as a bridge between devices and the cloud. These features are a big differentiator when compared with standard SCADA systems.

Remote monitoring is an effective system for optimizing production in various industries. It also helps reduce equipment downtime and improve quality. However, developing such a system can be challenging. Because of this, ICP DAS has leveraged Exosite's technologies to provide customers with an end-to-end IoT solution: ExoSense. ICP DAS has chosen to partner with Exosite because of its established and trusted brand in the IIoT market, providing end-to-end solutions, an enterprise software platform, and an extensive range of tools to make it easier to configure and deploy IoT applications.

Connection to the ExoSense solution is easy and does not require coding, eliminating the need for a software development team, large investments, or long development time. In response to the rapid development of IIoT technologies, ICP DAS is pleased to provide our customers with an easy-to-use solution to expand their IT infrastructure and enable OT data connectivity within their industrial applications. ExoSense is already available to their clients around the world. ExoSense looks forward to providing customers with the latest solutions that combine IIoT, cloud, and edge technologies.


  • The WISE-5231M-3GWA, through the 3G wireless method, solves the problem of wiring and transmission of the vibration data, effectively reducing the cost of the cable. Together with an automatic reconnecting mechanism of the 3G wireless communication, the WISE-5231M-3GWA can transmit a large amount of information in the shortest possible time.

  • The WISE series IIoT edge controller provides an easy-to-operate web interface to edit the control logic. No programming is required. Users only need to click the settings on the HMI to edit the control logic.

  • The WISE series IIoT edge controller can be used with XV-board series I/O expansion boards to meet various I/O requirements in different applications. To save space, users can insert the XV-board series I/O expansion board into the WISE series IIoT edge controller.

  • The built-in data logger of the WISE series IIoT edge controller provides the data recovery function that can automatically transmit the data to the control center. When a network failure occurs in a 3G/4G base station, the data logger still records the data and keeps it safe. The WISE series IIoT edge controller can transmit timestamped data every five seconds after the base station recovers from a network failure, thus keeping the data safe.


This customer achieved its goal to build a remote monitoring and predictive maintenance system with ICP DAS‘s solution for cloud data visualization. This application model has also been successfully used in other countries.

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