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Requirements: Detect shipping trucks to improve dock efficiency

Loading docks are key access points inside most companies can directly influence the general workflow of a warehouse. With frequent inbound and outbound shipments, loading docks are extremely busy and high traffic areas. Maintaining a steady flow of traffic at dock doors keeps processes efficient, productive, and reduces the number of shipping errors. An automatic system that alerts employees of vehicles waiting to be loaded or unloaded is imperative for large facilities where employees are not always near the service doors.


Detecting vehicles at a loading dock can be difficult because of unpredictable weather and environmental changes. Sensors are exposed to the elements and need to withstand fluctuations in weather and ambient light. Trucks are made of a variety of materials and come in a wide range of colors. This can prove challenging for photoeletric sensors. The range can also present some challenges for sensing because vehicles vary in size and distance away from the sensor. A solution is needed that can reliably detect surfaces regardless of color, reflectivity, or texture and resist changes in the ambient weather. Loading docks can also be very loud and standard doorbells may go unnoticed. Indication lights may also be missed due to prevalence of overhead and machine lighting throughout a warehouse setting.


Solution: Radar sensor, wireless node, and a tower light with audible alarm (avaiable through our dedicated hardware bundles). Wire-free solutions for remote locations and bright LED indication with 360° view.


The radar sensor uses its 15 m range to detect a truck's arrival. It utilizes Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) for detection of stationary or moving targets. The sensor can be taught a reliable background to recognize when any sized vehicle is present. The sensor is paired with a wireless node to send an output to trigger an alarm to employees, informing them of vehicles that are waiting outside. The node's rugged, shock-resistant housing and radar technology enables it to withstand harsh environments, making it ideal for outdoor loading docks. The radar sensors are easy to set up with an intuitive software, IO-Link, push button, or remote TEACH-mode programming. Tower lights with audible alarms were installed in the warehouse to alert employees of waiting trucks. The tower lights can be heard and seen throughout the warehouse floor to ensure that deliveries get tended to quickly. Delivery dock applications also have other opportunities to install bright LED indicator lights for unmistakable operator guidance. Touch buttons can be installed as doorbells and connected to segmented indicators to show which dock is in use. LED technology provides low-power and long-life lighting products for bright visibility in a wide variety of settings.


Benefits:Suitable for outdoor environments – an IP67 rated housing, offers more robust detection capabilities than laser or ultrasonic solutions for outdoor applications where sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can be problematic. Real-time alerts – Real-time monitoring with wireless products keeps deliveries moving efficiently.


Loading docks can become needlessly congested if trucks and other deliveries are neglected for extended periods of time. Using 's T30R for vehicle detection creates optimum workflow and traffic management. The 15 m sensing range grants flexibility for mounting and robust housing and sensing beam can withstand outdoor environments without sacrificing sensing capabilities. Interfacing with a DX80 wireless node allows for indication and alerts to be broadcast throughout the warehouse floor with LED tower lights and indicators.

Warehouse Vehicle Detection with Indication

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