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Challenge: A power supply plant consists of a variety of automation components from different vendors. These components communicate with each other over a CAN network. There are different communication interfaces for connecting to the plant operator. To achieve higher power, multiple plants can be joined together in a network.


Obstacles to overcome: Low response speed and bandwidth (10 Mbit/s) of the CAN network: problem balancing mains fluctuations. Commissioning multiple networked plants time consuming. Resource-intensive.


Solution: Switch to OPC UA with publish/subscribe mechanism for internal and external communication. Rather than multiple communication interfaces for plant operators, there is a single, uniform OPC UA interface. For plants connected in a network, information models can be aggregated.



  • Fast communication with publish/subscribe mechanism
  • Fast transmission of device and machine updates
  • Fast commissioning
  • Reduced cabling

Uninterrupted Power Supply Monitoring

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  • Build your own IIoT solution following these three steps:

    • Connectivity: Choose the suitable Hardware or Lean.Solution Starter Kit
    • Edge Data Processing: Add the Edge Client for Continuous Data Streaming
    • Asset Monitor: Enable your IIoT Solution with the Data Processing Backend

    Contact us if you need assistance to put your solution together.

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