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Application: Error proofing on bins

Manufacturer may wanted to implement a pick-to-light system to reduce errors and the lost time that results from picking the wrong part during assembly. The customer needed a solution that could be implemented on four mobile gravity flow racks with 48 bins on each rack. Because the flow racks are mobile, a wired system was not feasible.


Challenges: Cabled solutions do not work on mobile racks


Solution: Wireless Sensor (avaiable through our dedicated hardware bundles)

Wireless push button devices were installed on each bin. The PLC sends a signal via the Gateway that illuminates the green LED on the push button device to indicate which part should be selected. Line workers select the part and push the button to confirm to the controller that the correct part has been selected. When incorrect parts are selected, the red LED illuminates, immediately signaling to the line workers that the incorrect part was selected and they should look for the push button displaying the green light. The installtion will lead to a reduction in errors and an increase in productivity.


Benefit: Q45 Wireless Sensor does not require cables and has bright indication

Reducing Production Errors with a Pick-to-Light System

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