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Challenge:Incorporating interconnected sensors to monitor the temperature of baking equipment, and support bakers to save on labor costs and reduce the risk of damaging equipment and costly downtime.


Obstacles to overcome:The case for IoT in baking maintenance has become increasingly compelling because of the lack of resources bakers have to devote to maintenance, excessive paperwork in maintenance, the increasingly complicated array of software involved in bakery production today and lack of support for maintenance from management.


Solution:Interconnected devices transmit relevant data to the cloud as a central hub, for further processing, analytics and long term / recipe storage. All that information can be brought back as part of best practice processing.



  • Central recipe storage
  • Decentrialized process automation and control
  • Energy monitoring
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring
  • Automated reporting on health and cleaning status
  • Complying with health organization / cleaning guidelines

Operational Effectiveness in Large Scale Bakeries

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  • Build your own IIoT solution following these three steps:

    • Connectivity: Choose the suitable Hardware or Lean.Solution Starter Kit
    • Edge Data Processing: Add the Edge Client for Continuous Data Streaming
    • Asset Monitor: Enable your IIoT Solution with the Data Processing Backend

    Contact us if you need assistance to put your solution together.

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