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Navigating Industrial Automation: Trends, Key Players, and Digital Transformation


Overview: Industrial automation, factory automation, and robotics play pivotal roles in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and agility in manufacturing environments. This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in this field, current market trends, and the impact of digital transformation on the evolving industrial landscape. Participants will gain insights into the transition from the classical automation pyramid to a networked industrial ecosystem and understand the implications for their organizations.


Session Breakdown:

  1. Introduction to Industrial Automation, Factory Automation, and Robotics (10 minutes)
  2. Overview of Key OEMs in Industrial Automation (15 minutes)
  3. Current Market Trends in Industrial Automation (15 minutes)
  4. Impact of Digital Transformation on Manufacturing (15 minutes)
  5. Transitioning to a Networked Industrial Landscape (15 minutes)


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of industrial automation, factory automation, and robotics and their significance in modern manufacturing.
  • Explore key OEMs in the industrial automation space and their respective areas of expertise, products, and solutions.
  • Identify current market trends in industrial automation, including advancements in robotics, IoT, AI, and digital twins.
  • Examine the impact of digital transformation on traditional manufacturing processes and the shift towards a networked industrial landscape.
  • Learn strategies for leveraging industrial automation technologies to drive operational excellence, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Navigating Industrial Automation

Artikelnummer: TTL-01-03
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    • Manufacturing executives and managers
    • Industrial engineers and automation specialists
    • Robotics engineers and technicians
    • Operations managers
    • IT professionals involved in manufacturing
    • Consultants and advisors in the manufacturing sector
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