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Challenge: Implementation and testing of an alternative system according to Appendix 1 SpaEfV, which is based on the verification of the content and data of an energy audit report according to DIN EN 16247-1.


Obstacles to overcome: Comply with the requirements for an energy audit report in accordance with Appendix 1 SpaEfV.



  • The solution included sensors and analog-digital converters for recording energy flows and other variables relevant to energy consumption.
  • Establishing an energy audit workflow that is appropriate, complete, representative, traceable, expedient and verifiable
  • The system indicated untapped potential in optimizing energy usage across individual shopfloor areas
  • With the fulfillment of all requirements of the norm and energy management systems, appropriate investment grants could be applied for at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

Energy Management Solution for Production Plants

Artikelnummer: IQ-06.077
Preisab 15,00 €
  • Build your own IIoT solution following these three steps:

    • Connectivity: Choose the suitable Hardware or Lean.Solution Starter Kit
    • Edge Data Processing: Add the Edge Client for Continuous Data Streaming
    • Asset Monitor: Enable your IIoT Solution with the Data Processing Backend

    Contact us if you need assistance to put your solution together.

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