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Challenge: A machine builder is developing a charging station for electric cars. To do this, they need a future-proof, vendor-independent communication solution.


Obstacles to overcome: The charging station must permit remote access for maintenance, monitoring and cost accounting purposes. Network communication: Communication within the e-charging station must be vendor-independent and secure.


Solution: Rather than multiple communication interface, there is a single, uniform OPC UA interface. OPC UA security mechanisms enable secure IT communication and data retrieval from the cloud.



  • Interface defined only once
  • Fast transmission of device updates
  • Easy user management: Clear display of access authorizations through OPC UA role and rights management
  • Vendor-independent communication

E-Mobility - Managing charging stations

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  • Build your own IIoT solution following these three steps:

    • Connectivity: Choose the suitable Hardware or Lean.Solution Starter Kit
    • Edge Data Processing: Add the Edge Client for Continuous Data Streaming
    • Asset Monitor: Enable your IIoT Solution with the Data Processing Backend

    Contact us if you need assistance to put your solution together.

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