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Production Strategy and Manufacturing in Global Networks

Mastering Production Strategy in Global Networks: A 5-Day Immersive Workshop


Overview: Join us for an intensive and transformative journey into the realm of production strategy and manufacturing optimization within global networks. Over five dynamic days, this workshop will equip you with the strategic insights and analytical tools needed to thrive in today's interconnected business landscape.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Strategic Frameworks: Gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced strategic frameworks tailored to production strategy, including lean management principles and agile methodologies.

  • Global Network Dynamics: Explore the intricacies of managing manufacturing operations across international networks, addressing challenges such as supply chain resilience, market variability, and geopolitical risks.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Harness the power of data analytics to drive informed decision-making processes, from demand forecasting and capacity planning to performance optimization and risk mitigation.

  • Technology Integration: Discover innovative technologies reshaping the manufacturing landscape, such as industrial automation, IoT, and machine learning, and learn how to effectively integrate these tools into your production strategy.

  • Case Studies and Best Practices: Learn from real-world case studies and best practices from industry leaders, providing actionable insights and inspiration for optimizing your own production processes.

Developing Comprehenisve Strategies

Artikelnummer: WKS-01-01
4.600,00 €Preis
    • Executives and managers involved in production strategy and operations
    • Supply chain professionals seeking to optimize global manufacturing networks
    • Engineers and analysts interested in leveraging data-driven approaches for production optimization
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