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ReliaWAN 10-12 Gateway Expansion Module for Long Range Private Networks

The ReliaWAN 10-12 is an expansion module that allows connecting LoRa end points to the Cloud without the need to join a public LoRaWAN network: this allows substantial savings and brings control back to the user.

IIoT Connectivity Hardware LORA Expansion Module

Artikelnummer: IQ-05.015
Preisab 15,00 €
    • Expansion Module for Long Range Private Networks: create private/personal long range networks that are compatible with LoRa end-points Infrastructure
    • Less and Cloud Connected
    • No need to connect to a public LoRaWAN. It bridges LoRa end-points with the Cloud via Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet EU and NA Bands
    • Supports global deployment with European 868MHz (863-870MHz) and North American 915MHz (902- 928MHz) bands Long Range
    • Covers long distances: high power radio with 15km / 10miles line of sight range (2km / 1.5miles in urban conditions); European ISM transmit power / duty-cycle limitations are supported ISM Band Scan
    • Provides optimal performance allows end node frequency change to improve interference rejection and dynamic link rate adaptation Industrial Grade
    • Compact and sturdy, with reliable terminal block interfaces and a wide operating temperature range Open Platform
    • Supported by Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the IoT Java/OSGi based-middleware for IoT Edge Gateways that accelerates gateway development and enables remote management
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