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With the Lean.IQ onboarding, training and coaching services we are offering access to our platform for digital collaboration, combining performance in value stream management with proven methodology, competent consulting services and a robust partner ecosystem. To this end, we are providing you with standardized application solutions via the Lean.IQ marketplace. With the self-service approach, you can quickly gain insights into your company and business rocesses. Along the way we support you with expert advice on best practice procedures, offer big data anaytics for the more complex value creation processes, and provide answers for the right strategic positioning in a globally changing business landscape.

Onboarding Package

Artikelnummer: IQ-01.002
Preisab 2.800,00 €
  • Within the first week you'll receive a detailed concept for your transformation project. We'll work with you to identify a sustainable project architecture and help guide you to getting started. Training and best practices will be provided along with weekly meetings and access to experienced engineers.

    • Program duration can individually be chosen
    • Dedicated contact for length of program, 4 hours per week
    • Hands-on introduction and setup of your innovation platform
    • Bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress of your project

    For the optimal coordination of all aspects, we work closely with your employees and, if necessary, your customers - from joint workshops we determine the benefits and value of the solution and examine the project from several perspectives. Regardless of whether it is user experience or optimization in other operational subject areas - the result guarantees maximum added value.

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