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The Turn-Key, Essential Solution to Implement and Augment a Comprehensive Downtime Prevention Strategy

The IoT-Connectivity Hardware Kits were created to simplify and streamline the deployment of IIOT solutions into your plant. Cost-effective and incredibly easy to deploy, these kits are designed to begin collecting data and providing value on day one. From high-grade sensing hardware and gateways, to trusted network connectivity and intuitive software, the Expansion Kits provide the nexus of technologies needed to scale the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) within an enterprise. Simply choose from a family of wireless sensors and commission a network of nodes with the direct-to-Cloud functionality.


The Cloud Data Services platform is more than a dashboard. With analytics and visualization tools, the software delivers actionable insights that allow you to solve real challenges in your facility. The Cloud Data Services is even embedded with machine learning that baselines the health of your assets. In addition, the ability to store data and analyze trends over time helps you make better, data-driven decisions long-term.


Gateways in the IoT-Connectivity Hardware Kits are preconfigured to easily bind with the All-in-One sensor nodes right out of the box. Our Cloud Data Services platform provides powerful tools that make it easy to access and analyze data from each device in the network for Direct-to-Cloud functionality on day one. The kit also includes 90 days prepaid of our Cellular Data Plan to provide cellular connectivity. Get up and running and collecting valuable data in minutes, not hours.


Set up your entire end-to-end condition monitoring solution in a few simple steps: add power, pair sensors to gateway, activate the data services, and install sensors on your equipment. Create an account with your authorization code to connect your cellular radio and immediately data starts pushing to the cloud. A simple setup on our Cloud Data Services gives you access to dashboard tools, so you can see for yourself as the sensors immediately begin to collect data. The Cloud makes it easy to create alert levels and automate email warnings for issues with your assets and production lines. Watch the brief how-to video and get other installation and setup resources .

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance is a key capability of our Hardware Starter Kits.


The Cloud Data Services platform allows users to access, store, protect, and export critical data collected by wired and wireless sensors. Device data is actionable, making it easy to identify trends, predict maintenance requirements, avoid costly equipment failures, and prevent unplanned downtime.

IIoT Connectivity Hardware Kit

Artikelnummer: IQ-05.002
Preisab 10,00 €
  • The bundle includes a multi-service IoT gateway based on an ARM Cortex platform.

    The compact and fanless design is particularly suitable for space-critical automation applications. In addition, the hardware offers a variety of connectivity functions:

    Optional Features:

    • Inputs: discrete or universal analog and digital inputs
    • Outputs: discrete or universal analog and digital outputs
    • Connectivity: carrier-certified LTE Cat 1 cellular modem; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 / BLE
    • Interfaces: RS485, Ethernet, USB, CAN, RS232; Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Environmental Rating: IP20 or IP67
    • Internal GNSS providing precise geolocation
    • Extension side modules such as WAN, LORA as well as additional analog and digital I/Os

    The hardware is provided preconfigured and ready for immediate use upon receipt.

    In the subscription model, a token fee for the hardware of EUR 800 is charged.

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