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The IIoT Asset monitor utilizes Exosite’s Murano® IoT platform which is proven to fast-track connected solutions for commercial and industrial applications with capabilities for device connectivity, device and data management, application hosting, custom business logic, and integration support.

Immediate Value

Investing in a dedicated team to develop and maintain a connected solution from scratch can take multiple years and millions of dollars. Instead, Exosite’s off-the-shelf solutions for condition monitoring, smart home, and OEM-connected products can be deployed on Murano immediately, so you can start creating value right away.


Gain the confidence to handle an increasing number of connected devices, users, analytical capabilities, and data storage and processing. Exosite’s Murano platform handles the challenges of scaling infrastructure, so you can focus on your business

Hosting Options

Exosite's Murano platform and off-the-shelf solutions are generally provided as multi-tenant hosted infrastructure that is maintained and supported by the Exosite Dev-Ops team. Single-tenant and on-premise hosting options are available for organizations that require software and data to be hosted in their own infrastructure.

Inherent Security

Exosite’s software products use best-in-class security features and industry-accepted standards to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use. This includes support for TLS certificates for device provisioning and integration with PKI services providers.

IIoT Asset Monitor

Artikelnummer: IQ-05.003
Preisab 25,00 €
  • The IIoT Asset Monitor enables you to:

    • Publish and run your own EveryCloud™ centralized device service for your connected products.
    • Sync device IoT data from other platforms with cloud integrations.
    • Manage your assets and device fleets.
    • Collect and store IoT and business data.
    • Operationalize analytics and data-driven insights.
    • Build API applications for integrations/administrative tasks.
    • Integrate with existing IT systems and public cloud services (e.g., Microsoft, AWS).
    • Cultivate a unique IoT ecosystem with reusable elements.
    • Manage sub-business accounts as a reseller of IoT technology.
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