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Challenge:Handling millions of passengers and millions pieces of cargo airports are challenged when baggage conveyor belts and handling cranes are unexpectedly out of order. Therefore airports need an efficient real-time monitoring system to display sensing data and predict when the performance issue may occur.


Obstacles to overcome:Monitor and analyse the abnormal status.


Result:Leverage Murano IoT platform for real-time sensor data collection. Use ExoSense dashboard for data visualization and sends alerts via Email and SMS. Also, use transform and insight modules to predict abnormal status.


Solution and Highlights:

  • 4G Connect Gateway, Exosite Murano IIoT Platform, ExoSense Application
  • Vibration Detection Hardware

Condition Monitoring for Airport Baggage Claims

Artikelnummer: IQ-06.069
Preisab 15,00 €
  • Build your own IIoT solution following these three steps:

    • Connectivity: Choose the suitable Hardware or Lean.Solution Starter Kit
    • Edge Data Processing: Add the Edge Client for Continuous Data Streaming
    • Asset Monitor: Enable your IIoT Solution with the Data Processing Backend

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