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Webinar: Condition Monitoring with HMS Networks and Exosite

Aktualisiert: 31. Mai 2022

Remotely Monitor the Condition of High-Value Assets

Exosite’s IoT solution enables service organizations with cutting edge features including automated operating status alerts and predictive maintenance features. Raise the bar on your machine service offering with Exosite. Find more information about Exosite here.

Build Your Connected Business

Exosite’s platform offers the ability to deploy and manage a variety of unique application instances to enable your organization to sell and support connected solutions for your customers and divisions. No other IoT platform can help you deploy new, stand-alone application instances in less than a minute.

Learn more and schedule a demo:

The Features and Flexibility You Need

The ExoSense® condition monitoring application provides the critical capabilities and configurability you need to get started quickly, reduce complexity, and develop a solution that’s all your own.

When combined with the HMS Ewon Flexy gateway for device connectivity, Exosite’s ExoSense application allows you to quickly build end-to-end solution for any industrial or commercial IoT use case. Flexy can bridge data from any major PLC vendor into ExoSense. If the asset has a PLC the communications solution is done. No PLC? No Problem, Flexy can capture data from sensor directly including 4-20mA sensors, serial devices and most Ethernet based devices. Some example use cases include:

REAL-TIME DATA VISUALIZATION: View immediate operational data via a customizable dashboard interface to generate insights and increase efficiencies.

CONDITION MONITORING: Continuously monitor critical assets and systems to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

ANALYTICS: Utilize a powerful analytics interface to enable predictive maintenance and deliver real-time machine learning capabilities.

HARDWARE INTEGRATIONS: Expedite your connectivity with off-the-shelf hardware support like the Ewon Flexy.

MANAGEMENT & DEPLOYMENT: Deploy branded industrial IoT applications in seconds, easily create organizational access hierarchies, and quickly begin onboarding connected machines and end-users.

Why HMS Networks and Exosite?

Deploys in Minutes:

Your own ExoSense application can be created in minutes. Using Exosite’s Talk2M IoT Connector, data from Ewon Flexy gateways flows into the application and a simple, no-coding configuration environment lets you quickly set up your digital assets, add users with permission controls, and customize the application to fit your company’s branding.

Offers Ready-Made Integrations:

With our partnerships and IoT Connector technology, we provide off-the-shelf support for a variety of hardware solutions, like the Talk2M connector to enable data from the EWON Flexy gateway, and software integrations, like Boon Logic’s unsupervised Machine Learning technology.

Is Purpose-Built:

Exosite’s ExoSense application was purpose-built for industrial and commercial applications, so it has the critical features you need, like customer permission management, customizable dashboards with a variety of panel options, and off-the-shelf rules for alerts and notifications.

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