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IoT Integration for Smart Water Solutions

With nearly 50 years of providing world class service, Wigen continues to deliver exceptional products backed by a strong sense of responsibility and drive for long-term customer satisfaction. Our partnership with Wigen enables them to offer even higher value through our condition monitoring soution.

Wigen Water Technologies has created a revolutionary "virtual technician" system that enables them to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot water treatment equipment remotely. This customized service was designed to reduce the number of on-site service calls and provide faster help to the client. The diagnostic feedback can also identify hardware problems, generate service calls, and automatically ship spare parts to OEM technicians in the field.

Organizations managing water systems face common challenges, like inefficient and outdated equipment, complex SCADA systems, and a limited number of experienced technicians. Exosite’s ExoSense® condition monitoring application can quickly enhance existing water systems with cloud-based remote monitoring that increases efficiencies, optimizes personnel resources, reduces costs, and mitigates potential downtime.

Real-Time Dashboards: Remotely monitor real-time and historical data—like pH, flow, turbidity, and tank levels—through customizable, HMI-like dashboards from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Condition-Based Alerting: Receive email and SMS alerts based on configurable rules—like sustained thresholds or variances—that are intuitive to set up and modify.

Legacy Equipment: Easily connect to existing SCADA systems, PLCs, and controls or add connected sensors to older equipment to enhance capabilities and gain new insights.

Do More With Fewer People

ExoSense allows multiple pieces of equipment, systems, and facilities to be monitored from one simple application. As a result, technicians can support a larger number of municipalities remotely, so they can do more, travel less, and lower operational costs. As an added benefit, cloud-based monitoring solutions are significantly simpler and lower cost than SCADA-based systems.

Sensors can be fitted to industrial pumps to monitor a number of data sources, like RPMs, device and ambient temperature, electrical current, humidity, and vibration. This data can then be aggregated and incorporated into advanced algorithms that detect performance anomalies, predict machine failure, and enable preventative maintenance to reduce costly downtime.

Creating a connected solution that accurately detects anomalies or predicts failure can be a challenge for a number of reasons:

  • To develop accurate algorithms, it’s necessary to analyze data over a significant amount of time from a large number of pumps. Analysis on that data is rarely done in a vacuum—it often needs to be combined with other data sources, integrated with other services, etc.

  • Once reliable analytics algorithms are developed, organizations must then figure out how to actually implement them in a connected solution.

  • Organizations need to be able to make adjustments to their solution in real time as their understanding matures about the type of data they need, the ideal report rate, etc.

Exosite’s ExoSense® condition monitoring application solves these challenges with out-of-the-box features that support anomaly detection and preventative maintenance. ExoSense acts as a central repository where data from a fleet of pumps can be aggregated, visualized, and easily shared with other platforms, business systems, and cloud-based services to enable data analysis and algorithm development. Insights—self-service tools to integrate algorithms within ExoSense—allow manufacturers to operationalize their institutional knowledge and the results of their data analysis to enable analytics, decision-making, and action capabilities within the application. Finally, over the air (OTA) update capabilities mean connected devices can be updated from the cloud at any time to make adjustments to firmware, reporting rates, and other controllable aspects of connected hardware.

Key Features

ExoSense provides the following features that are purpose-built for pump-based anomaly detection use cases:

  • Cloud-to-cloud federations

  • Insights algorithm tools

  • OTA updates

Visit the documentation site to learn more about ExoSense Insights.


Organizations leveraging ExoSense for pump-based anomaly detection use cases have been able to:

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Increase product quality, reliability, and warranty programs

  • Increase pump efficiency


Improved Diagnostics and Service: Maintenance personnel utilizing remote access edge gateways can from any location update, troubleshoot and capture diagnostics from intelligent lift station controls. Cloud-based services that manage the connectivity reduce the need for expensive infrastructure needed to integrate into existing networks.

Increased System Visibility: IIoT edge gateways in combination with cloud-based applications allow for increased visualization of remote lift stations, as information can be presented in a manner that is platform independent. Critical events such as system alarms can be managed through these applications and communicated immediately to resources responsible for handling responses.

Save Time and Money: Simple to use edge gateways combined with platform independent applications allows for manual processes to become automated, enabling maintenance resources to be more efficiently managed.

Think ExoSense could do the same for you? Connect with a solution expert to talk about your application needs and see a demo of ExoSense today.

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