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MTS SYSTEMS introduces Condition Monitoring for High Performance Hydraulic Systems

The world is full of uncertainty, and fluid power should be no different. Can we adapt to the digital age and use the tools of Industry 4.0 to further both our product lines and the way we make them?

A key component of “Industry 4.0,” the Internet of Things opens the door to intelligent systems that could significantly enhance the production and efficiency of these technologies. Digital tools enable intelligent, efficient lab maintenance. A smart maintenance experience provides access to equipment maintenance records, calibration schedules and service records. Software logs allow you to keep track of test and equipment status remotely, capturing real-time equipment diagnostic data for predictive maintenance and failure prevention.

The industrial fluid power industry is ready for integration of IoT and Industry 4.0: hydraulic maintenance in the form of fluid conditioning is the single most important consideration of any hydraulic system. System monitoring and maintenance with IoT has been on the radar for some time with MTS Systems Aftermarket Service team.

In MTS's full vehicle test stations, hydraulic units are a key component. With flow rates of up to 115 liters per minute and operating pressures of 22 MPa, proper system condition is extremely important.

The ExoSense conditioning monitoring system is a great example of IoT technology, perfectly suited for the fluid power market. Sensors transmit data to the edge connect device, which itself sends a signal to the diagnistics system. With instant messages on system status, overall condition and alarms operators receive status updates on their smartphone or PC. This allows for planned maintenance, which can occur during scheduled shutdown periods, rather than premature timetables or sudden breakdowns, both of which are costly.

If you don’t have a spare pump in stock, intelligent inventory control software can automatically send out RFQ’s to approved vendors for replacement. That's why MTS Systems favored the open architecture of our IoT solution and integrated system data straight away with their CRM and ERP system. This not only lets maintenance staff plan their time effectively but also allows production teams to work around the scheduled downtime.

Because advanced technology often requires years to be fully adopted, ExoSense was up and runninng with a first proof-of-concept installation within a week. Today MTS’s customers have been using Echo remote condition monitoring software for over 2 years which has allowed them to grow their service and equipment installed base by expanding beyond servicing just their own equipment.

About Exosite

Since 2009, Exosite LLC, has pioneered IoT software solutions. Based in Minneapolis, with offices around the globe, the Exosite team possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in IoT technology and business strategy. Exosite engages with leading manufacturers, providing complete connected solutions, an enterprise software platform, and a rich ecosystem of tools and partnerships to quickly guide connected-product concepts to marketable IoT applications. Visit to learn more about how Exosite powers digital transformation.

About MTS Systems

MTS is a leading global supplier of test and simulation systems, differentiating ourselves through innovation, quality and an exceptional customer experience. We partner with our customers to revolutionize products and transform industries. We innovate to help make the world’s products better by simulating real-world environments, enabling clean and efficient transportation, generating renewable energy, and providing safer infrastructure, medical treatments and consumer products.

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